About Pleasing Hands

Please read the following information on the type of service this is and is not. We would like to be sure that all new clients understand the aim of this service and that this massage is right for their needs.

We pride our in integrity, respect for clients, and skill in this art form. This is unique in this business. Many clients are tired of being talked down to in erotic media. They want their bodies respected as well as their minds. So do we!

Many people sense a longing for a more of a release on life, one filled with a sensual experience, possibly a spiritual growth and definitely a fulfillment of body. We offer professionalism, integrity and thoughtfulness. The clients who seek out our massage reflect this energy and desire. They are open to self-discovery, exploration and fulfillment.

Massage, like sex, thrives in warmth and privacy. It responds well to soft music, candlelight and scented oils. It is about touch, trust and tenderness. Because of this commonality, and because there is no legal forum for professional sex, massage is often used as a disguise for prostitution. The word conjures up masseuse, masseur, massage parlor, and other slippery denotations. Massage Therapists, therefore, make a special effort to distance themselves from the undeniably erotic nature of massage as they should since these images do not pertain to them.

 There is no denying, however, our fundamental desire for touch. Warm, bare skin on skin is a powerful thing. It sustains life, comforts the soul, and awakens the senses. They might not want to admit it, but all massage therapists are paid to bring people physical pleasure.  And it is difficult to drizzle oil all over a naked body without conjuring up some sexual feelings.  To neutralize this sexual charge, and frankly because many people are afraid of the power of these pleasurable feelings, a massage therapists tends to create a clinical environment and demeanor. Formal draping procedures, a gender-neutral uniform, and medical terminology are all employed to create the effect of a doctor's office and this works for them and is what some clients are looking for. But not everyone wants a clinical massage, and not all massage therapists shy away from eroticism. And so, Pleasing Hands rises naked from the sea, like Aphrodite.

Pleasing Hands can be a safe way to experience sensuous physical pleasure in a professional environment. Like other forms of massage, it is a largely unregulated profession, so while there are professional parameters, they differ from therapist to therapist. Some massage therapists are trained certified and or licensed, most are not. Some offer a massage in lingerie. Some do a nude massage. Some offer genital massage. Some allow masturbation. Without professional regulation, finding a good massage is something like finding a good bottle of wine. It's an educated guess.

Pleasing Hands does not offer sex of any kind. We however do offer an extremely thoughtful and sensual hands-on healing experience whose focus is to bring you the best release possible both physically and emotionally.

Pleasing Hands, Therapeutic Sensual Massage & Bondassage are a trademarked (TM) names & registered (R)  by Pleasing Hands & & Bondassage

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