Questions & Answers:

 Q: How long have your practitioners been doing massage?
A: All our practitioners are trained professional massage therapist & body workers. Combined they have been in practice for over 20 plus years.

Q: Do all massage therapists offer this type of massage?
A: NO! Majority of massage therapists DO NOT offer this in their practice and you should respect their reasons why they do not.

Q: Do you only work on women?
A: Yes, however I do offer couples sessions that your partner may observe you having a session performed on you.

Q: Do I need to be thin or send you a picture to get a massage?
A: No, you just have to be you. People come in all different types of looks, shapes, sizes, colors, etc. and every one of them deserves to be treated with respect and understanding. Also there is really no need to send pictures.

Q: Are there any age restrictions?
A: Yes, we will not work on anyone under the age of 18. Other than that then no matter what your age is then please make an appointment. Currently our youngest client is 18 and my oldest client is 75.

Q: Can my significant other, spouse, partner be in the room during the massage?
A: Of course they can be there if you want them there. Basically if they are comfortable with it and you are to, then by all means have them there.

Q: I want to get significant other, spouse, partner a massage, is that okay?
A: Yes & No! Yes it is okay to want to get them a session, but no if they are not on the same page as you. This means do not surprise them with it or assume that they would want this type of session. A session like this needs to be discussed between both of you and/or they need to know what the session entails.

Q: Who is in control of the massage?
A: You are the one in control. If at any time during the session you feel uncomfortable, you can say stop and the session will stop.

Q: If during the massage or at another time I just want an everyday regular session, can I do that?
A: Yes of course you can. Our sessions are based on comfort ability first and if you decide at that time you are uncomfortable then we will just do a regular session.

Q: Can my significant other, spouse, partner help during the massage?
A: Yes and no! Yes if want them to help or to learn some things then of course they can. Although we do not usually recommend it since the massage in general is creating a lot of sensation, having two people do massages on you may overwhelm the body unless you are interested in our 4 handed session. If you really want to learn massage on an intimate level then we do offer to teach individuals and couples.

Q: Where is your location?
A: We currently are in the Los Angeles area. We offer an incall (you come to us) location in the area and we offer outcall (go to client) service as well.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We start taking appointments as early as 10 am and take my last appointment at 10pm.

Q: Can I get an appointment the same day?

A: Yes you can but please be aware that is only if we are available. We do have set appointments that do take priority first and since our schedule changes from day to day, these are the best ways to get appointments. Usually it is always best to schedule something in advance so you can definitely lock in a time. If you email or call us and set a tentative time with us and someone else asks for it, I hate to say that they will get it.

Q: What do I need to provide when making an appointment?

A: First contact me by sending me an email with your name and when you were looking to schedule a session. Once the appointment is made, you will need to send us the location of the appointment i.e. street, city/town, state and zip. Also we will need a phone number with area code so we can contact you prior to the appointment for a voice confirmation and to confirm our appointment. In addition we would need this in case we get delayed and/or lost.

Q: What areas do you service?

A: Los Angeles County

Q: What styles of massage do you use?

A: The massage consists of various modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Esalen, Acupressure, Toaist and Tantric.  

Q: Do you offer training sessions?

A: Yes I do train couples on how to do a Therapeutic Sensual Massage or a Bondassage session.

Q: How is the release achieved?
A: All this is done with use of hands by stroking, rubbing and compressions.

Q: What do you wear and do I need to reciprocate after the massage?

A: We wear comfortable clothing ALWAYS and NO other reciprocation will be requested, expected and/or needed.

Q: Do you have a picture?

A: No, for various reasons we do not send a picture.

Q: Would you be willing to call me and talk more about the massage?

A: Yes of course! If you send us your number with area code we will gladly call you for a consultation.

Q: I am writing a paper which maybe published, do you do interviews?

A: Yes we do.

Q: Do you have other men working with you?

A: NO, I do not or have not had any men who work with me.  This has been a problem, because there have been a number of men claiming that they have worked or work with us.  This is completely untrue.

Q: I see postings from others who offering sensual massage. How safe are they?

A: Many (the majority) of them are not safe and have no training in massage. So be very careful when contacting them.

Q: Say I am not going to use your service. How do I tell a legitimate therapist from a fake?
A: 1. They tell you or print they are not certified, licensed nor have any formal training. Remember they may be good at giving a massage but if they are not trained, then they can seriously hurt you.
2. Claim they are something they are not by copying information from the internet.
3. Ask for a picture or description. A true practitioner does not discriminated with whom they work on.
4. Say they do Tantric massage or say they are a Tantric practitioner or master. There are not many of them around and those who claim they are do not know the first thing about Tantra.

Q: A lot of ads I see seem the same or I have seen them before i.e. they sound like your service, why is that?
A: You can find many things on the internet. Many fakes will copy information from websites and use it as their own. One clue to recognize a good therapist is to see how long they have been established.

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