"It is like my own little minnie vacation - Linda (Age: 45+)

Thank you soooooooooo much for the BEST massage ever! I really enjoyed the WHOLE massage...just because I'm quiet most of the time, does not mean I'm not enjoying it. I thought you were very professional, open and honest and I felt very relaxed, at ease and safe. The final part was more than I expected, so thank you again! I feel de-stressed thanks to you and I am ready to make my next appt. with you, as promised. Can we make our next appointment a few weeks from today? If not, I have other days I can do...just let me know! Thanks, Wendy :-)

"You Intoxicated Me... Dizzy, my head swirling with emotions, wonder and excitement, thoughts racing through me as fast as my heart is beating. Our first session had been more then I had ever imagined, sensations still pulsating through every inch of me. Later after lying down in my bed my hands tracing the spots you had touched, places you massaged and explored, you melted me with your strength. How easy it was to surrender to the strength and confidence in your hands....My 1st meeting with you but yet with minutes you put me at ease. I remember it so vividly, the way you found every muscle and stress spot. Your hands covered me, I could do nothing but surrender to the sensations, your eyes piercing through me, reading, devouring every word pouring out of me. Can you read my every thought? My mind it's telling you how it excites, but also how warm and wonderful it makes me feel. My body moves like a woman, the giggles and emotions like a young girl. Feeling your hands my body arches up to meet your touch. How experienced and gentle your firm touches is but yet commanding. When I feel I will explode I look back into your eyes and I remain yours. Can you feel the heat building, with every stroke with every electric charge you send my body temperature up another degree, yet you remain, whispering, controlling, stroking, releasing, sensations ripping right to the core of me, the ultimate high...intoxicated. - Judy (Age: 40+)

Many thanks for your kind email and your words. Yes, I did enjoy the massage and in many ways was very surprised both at myself and that you were willing to give me such an intimate massage. I never expected that I would feel so comfortable having someone touch me in so many ways. Before you arrived on Friday, and I think I wrote it to you in an earlier email, I thought that all I would be able to do was to let you massage my neck, back and shoulders, so you can imagine my surprise at the end of the session. Initially, as you began I thought that I would never be able to relax enough to enjoy the massage, let alone react to your touch. When I first felt the urges in my body to respond to your touch and move with your touch, I felt very embarrassed and ashamed that I could be so responsive. As you worked on my back, the harder the pressure you used the more I could feel my back wanting to move into your hands for a firmer grip. I could feel the tension within me beginning to melt away and I began relax and begin to enjoy the experience. Each time you uncovered another part of my body, I was laying there expecting you to not to want to continue with the massage because of seeing me. I was bracing myself for the worse and when you continued, there were times when I felt very emotional inside. I had never imagined that somebody would want to touch me in such an intimate and caring way all over my body. I experienced many new feelings and emotions during the massage and some that I am still struggling to understand. I think for the first time in my life (and that is not an exaggeration) I actually felt comfortable in my own body in the presence of another. The last two and a half years have been incredibly difficult for me emotionally and physically and in January this year I moved to New York, so I am still getting acquainted with the city. Today I am still feeling the good effects of the massage but some questions are beginning to emerge in me as to what happened and in some ways what is continuing to happen in my body. I know this may potentially sound a little strange to you that a 43 year old woman is experiencing much of this for the first time in her life - but I guess we are all made differently and have different experiences. Being able to hold your hand at different times when I was feeling anxious, uncertain and at times a little afraid was very reassuring for me - so thank you. Thank you for being so accepting of my quietness - it means a great deal to me that you understand. I am also glad that I did nothing to offend you. I will be calling to make another appointment but at the moment I need to process and understand what I experienced with you and then will be in touch for another appointment. Although I find it hard to speak sometimes when in the company of others, in writing I can express myself much more freely - so I hope this rather long email is not too much of an imposition. Thank you once again for your care and kindness and I look forward to seeing you again. Very best M

Oh my...............WOW! This is what I remember saying after my massage yesterday with Pleasing Hands. I like to treat myself to a massage once a week and I have seen PH's ad up on a website for quit sometime now and I had always been interested in it. So finally I decided I was going to try it. I contacted a couple of the women who had posted in his review section and I end up getting some very good reviews from them. After talking back and forth with them I then contacted Pleasing Hands. He contacted me the same day and by the next day I had my appointment booked. He was very professional on the phone when answering all my questions and the same if not more when he arrived for my appointment. As you read from the beginning of my review that I had my massage yesterday and because I was so impressed with his massage, I asked him if I could write a review ASAP, which I found out he does not usually let happen until the person is more comfortable with him. I told him hell if I was any more comfortable with him that we would have to be married. So here is my review and by the way I booked another appointment with him for next week, which is something I usually do not do. - Tara R. (Age: 38)

I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer a little over a year ago and unfortunately from my treatment I was left impotent. I love my wife and we had a wonderful life together for over 25 years, so it bothered me greatly that her sex life would be effected by my condition. I came across pleasing hands website just by chance and after reading it I was very intrigued. I thought it would safe and wonderful way to bring my wife pleasure and not feel threaten from it. Boy was I right! My wife feels wonderful after her sessions and I feel totally comfortable with it. PH thank you for all your help and all that you have done. - Marcus & Dee (Age: 50+)

I started seeing PH a couple of years ago because I was not happy with my relationship with my husband, mainly the intimate part of our relationship. My hope was to hire someone to come and pay attention to me and focus on my needs physically. I got that and a lot more. What I got was someone that has helped me both physically and mentally without all the hang ups or emotional attachments. My body always feels wonderful at the end of the massage and my mind is always at ease. Jokingly I call myself his Desperate House Wife, which he just says I am a house wife in need. - Sandy (25+)

Privacy was definitely something I was looking for when I started this a few months ago. I have a very public life which gets very stressful and the fact that he respects that means the world to me and just shows his professionalism. People he is the real deal and you will not be disappointed. Thanks for all that you have done. - Name with held (30+)

I had just moved to this area from the California and I was so stressed because the area was all new to me and I did not know anyone, etc, etc. So one night when I was on my computer I came across Pleasing Hands website and after reading it, I thought to myself that the massage sounded great. So I emailed him with my info and in less than five minutes he called me. He told me that he had a cancellation for that evening and if I wanted the massage then I could get that night. Long story short the massage was just what I needed. My aches, my stress were all gone and the release was amazing. But the part that I liked most was the fact that he was there for me. He helped me physically obviously but he also talked to me and even after the massage showed me around the area I lived in and he would not take any money for his extra time. So folks, he is great and I am definitely glad to have him as my therapist and a friend. - Tara (Age: 30)

My husband introduced me to massage many, many years ago. Since that time I have always loved getting massage and have had massage from all over the world on almost every continent. Most of my experience with massage was in spas and I have had a number of massage therapists who use to come to our home to work on us. Of course for both my husband and I, massage was also great intimate things for us to use and do. Of course that changed when my husband passed away a two years ago and I have missed that intimate touch. It was my girlfriend who introduced me to him and all he had to offer. It has been heavenly to have him give me my massages for these past months. I truly think he is an angel for all that he has done for me. - Victoria (Age: 60 +)

 After having a great first massage, my wife and I decided to have her get a 2nd massage. The 2nd massage was just as good as the first and even better being since we already knew him this time. Everything he tells you in his emails or on the phone is the truth. Hercules is there for the sole reason of having the women he is massaging have those 90 minutes be her time and her time only. My wife has told him both times it was the best massage she has ever had. - Jeff (Age: 40+)

I have been seeing him for just under a year now and I am so pleased by him. He really knows how to treat a lady and how to make her feel good. He has a very strong and healing touch but with a great sensuality to it. Ladies this guy is worth it. P.S. I am a therapist to and I can vouch that he truly knows what he is doing.  - Misty L. (Age: 30) 

My husband and I started seeing him about two of years ago because we were not happy with traditional massages. They all seemed closed off completely and since we practice a nudist lifestyle, this bothered us. After looking around for some time I found him and what I found was someone that has helped us both physically and mentally without all the hang ups or emotional attachments. Our bodies always feel wonderful at the end of our massages and our minds are always at ease. - Natalie (Age: 25 +)

Good morning
I would like to go on record, your technique, hands, pressure, are the best in the business! I am a tad sore this morning, in a very good way. :) It was my pleasure to meet you; I'll be checking my calendar and budget to be sure since I'm already looking forward to next time. I'll be recommending you to my friends. If you would like a testimonial, I'd be happy to send one as well! Thanks so much, it truly was heaven. Frances (Age: 40 +)

He is professional, warm, sensitive, respectful and open to giving you the best experience possible. He has a gift for relaxing you and making you feel safe, his massages really work the tension out of your muscles, and he has absolutely no agenda other than giving you a pleasurable experience. As for the “release” part, all I can say is “Wow, Wow, and Wow!” My husband and I have now schedule a visit from Pleasing Hands for every 3 or 4 weeks. It’s a routine I plan on keeping for a long time. Ladies (and couples) my advice if you are considering it is to give this very decent and capable man a call. You will not be disappointed. - Gina (Age: 45+)

I had heard about this from a girlfriend of mine who has been seeing him, so I made an appointment. Well let me just say I am seeing him once a week and I always feel completely better when he leaves. He seems to be able to recycle all the negative energy back into positive energy and he has a great knack of reading your body - it is fantastic. His concepts of one’s body and health are really very helpful, comforting and most of all very enjoyable. So ladies if you are having problems, I highly recommend him. - Angel (Age: 24)

WOW OH MY GOD WOW!!!! - Trisha

I did this as a present to my girlfriend since she loves massage and always tells me that one she never finds a good enough massage and two when she does she is completely aroused when she does find one. So after seeing his ad on a message board I decided to contact him. Well he was totally professional and my girlfriend definitely loves her massages to the point that she sees him once a week. Since Hercules does not need anything other than his payment, I reap the benefits of her desires. Thanks you! - Henry & Liz (Age: 36/28)

As we discussed, you are like Michael Angelo, a true perfectionist in his work. You massaged my body with the upmost perfection from head to toe. Your hands are like fine instruments that touch with exquisite pleasure. Thank you my healer and my friend. -- Marianne (Age: 52)

I would like to say that having my massage session was and will be one of the greatest things that have happened to me in a long time. During my first session, I was a little uneasy about the session. I had never really gotten a sensual massage from anyone so for me, just having someone touch me. It was relaxing for me and you helped me feel comfortable about being touched and made me feel comfortable about touching myself. Not that I don't but before my session I looked at my body differently. I didn't feel as "open". Immediately after my session it felt as if my body were more alive and open and for sensitive. I felt more comfortable with my body. I have been able to do things with my body that I have never been able to achieve before. Orgasms are more deeply pleasurable and I am no longer uneasy about my body. I am looking forward to my next appointment with Hercules. I thank you for all that you have done for me. - Carla (Age 30+)

I recently had a session and it was the best I have ever had. His years of experience are evident in his very professional and sensual technique and understanding of the body. Like any good therapist, he seeks to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied. I am now very happy to call him my massage therapist. - Samantha (Age: 35)

My reason for doing this was to help further my therapy for myself.  Not to go into much detail here I had been sexually assaulted during my life and my trust on an intimate level has been very much affected.  A couple of years ago my therapist suggested that I might start incorporating massage in my life as a way to help with my recovery.  I took her advice and started to see a wonderful therapist that was quit helpful.  Unfortunately she had decided to leave the massage field which left me to find a new therapist, so began my search and as luck has it I found the Pleasing Hands website.  The idea that he presented for his massage was interesting, but was something I knew I was not ready for right from the start if ever.
  I liked the fact that if I did not want the therapeutic sensual massage and just wanted a regular one then that could be provided to me also.  Because of this I contacted him and started to see him.  Most of my massages our just every day regular massages but I have tried and liked the therapeutic sensual massages. I can truly say that he has and is helping me in so many way.................Thank you ph :) - Gina (Age: 30 +)

My girlfriend has been doing this for some time, turned me onto him and I am so happy she did. I guess the main reason I started to see him was because my marriage to my husband had become quit blah in many areas. I love him a lot but I feel my needs are not being met. It was because of this that I sought out his services. You see I did not really like the idea about having an affair, but the idea of a massage with release sounded great and I was quite right. So thank you MK for recommending his services. – Donna W. (Age: 40+)

I have had every inch of my 250+lbs. body kneaded and massaged to perfection. From my ears to toes, every inch of my tummy, P.H. made me feel like an acceptable person in this size-obsessed culture. He is worth every penny and I will be treating myself often. He is also very respectful of boundaries and I feel very safe having him come to my home. - Karen (Age: 40+)

I have been doing this since the end of last year for one reason; I have never been able to have an orgasm. I figured that his massage would be able to help me in that area and after talking to him he agreed. However at first it did not happen, actually it did not happen until 4 months after I started seeing him. The one thing that I truly appreciate about him is that he is patient and that from the beginning he was only encouraging me and told me not to be disappointed. When it finally happened it was amazing. - Anne (Age: 52)

He is the best! He makes my wife and I feel 100% since we have started to see him. His concept to massage is right on and his touch is wonderful. HIRE HIM you will not be disappointed.
Toni S. (Age 35) 

The service you provided for my wife Saturday night was EXCELLENT. I was amazed, this being her first time doing anything like this, at how relaxed and great a time she had which was all due to you. First, she was VERY pleased with your physical appearance which while not the most important thing it definitely helped relax her at beginning. You were also very professional in the way you worked with her which made her feel at ease. She said the regular massage was terrific and you have great skill with your hands and it felt wonderful. The final part left her feeling in another world - 2 times one right after another was simply amazing. It made me feel great to see her have that great of a time
The sessions after this should be even better for her without the anxiety of it being the first meeting. I will be contacting you within next few days to schedule another session probably in 2 weeks most likely on a Saturday evening again if you are available. I definitely see this as being a regular thing maybe once or twice a month if it works into both of our schedules. I know she wants that and seeing her happy and satisfied definitely makes me happy.

It was a pleasure to meet you, also! The massage was wonderful, you have amazing hands. I'm only sorry you will be leaving the area. You provide a needed service for women. It's about time we have the option of a release without the emotional bonds that muddy the waters.  Best of luck on the "other coast"! If you come back to the east, please let me know.
Thanks again,

WOW! ... All I can say...is umm...WOW! Everything as advertised and more... Ladies, if any of you are hesitating, let me assure you this is legit...one of the BEST massages I've ever had and it left me with a (as my GF said later that day) "shit eating grin"....if you want to be reassured feel free to email me and I can answer any question or even voice verify. Do this for yourself...you deserve it and you won't regret it! - C. Llewellyn (Age: 30+)

Denise - Last June as birthday present I got a massage for my girlfriend. She had told me about this guy who she had heard about from a friend of hers and she was very excited about trying his massage. Knowing she is what I call a touch junkie I knew she would definitely love the massage. I contacted PH and talked to him about the massage and how I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with one. I really wanted to do the massage the night of her birthday and after checking his schedule he said another day would be better since he already had five appointments that day. Sensing that I was disheartened by this, he said what the hell he would do it. So we talked and planned the evening and it was great

Tina - My last birthday was the best. I woke up to sex and breakfast in bed a great start to the day. I went and spent the day with my parents and I was going to come home later and spend the rest of the evening with my girlfriend Denise. She said she would have my present for me then, so I was looking forward to getting home. So I spent the day with mom and pops and then headed home. Walking thought the door I was met with rose petals on the floor (how romantic and cheesy, I loved it) and a note pined to a robe which said, take your clothes off and put the robe on and follow the petals. The petals lead me to our bedroom and there I was met by candles, soft music and a man and a massage table. He introduced himself and I said, "oh my god you are that guy from pleasing hands". From the corner of the room I then heard my girlfriend say, "Happy Birthday" and the rest was one of the best massages I have ever

Tina & Denise - Since that time we both have had numerous massages. The concept of the therapeutic massage makes so much sense to us. Even though we are two women who are both lesbian, the idea of a man working on use does not bother us at all. You should try this massage at least one time. - Denise & Tina (Age: 25/30)

I contacted him for two reasons: I have never had an orgasm, unless I was the one giving it to myself and I also craved just being touched in general. While reading his site I was very interested in the "release" part of the massage. The fact that I could lay back and have someone else pay attention to "me" and do the work was beyond my imagination. Unfortunately, I felt uneasy completely letting myself go in front of another man so it took me about a YEAR before I actually booked my appointment. He was very professional with me in answering any questions and never made me feel like my questions were off the wall and trust me they were. The day of the massage I was nervous. He was very nice and put me at ease almost immediately. The massage itself was awesome, he had a very soothing voice and his touch is unbelievable, you literally melt with each stroke. As for the release part, I never experienced anything like it in my life. Truthfully, when it came to that I thought he was going to have his work cut out for him, but that was not the case at all. I had no problem achieving the release I needed and I was amazed. After the massage I felt like a completely different woman, I could not stop smiling and I still have not. My mind, body, soul and most importantly my heart got recharged. I look at my body completely different now; I no longer am ashamed of my body or feel ashamed for wanting my body to feel things that it should feel. I can't thank him enough for this. I encourage any woman who has never tried this type of massage to try it. It will be the best thing you ever did for yourself! - Nicole (Age: 30+)


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